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At platinum Assignments we are committed to ensure that our clients learn a few tricks in line with speech writing. Speech assignment is very important since they are wired with the creativity of the writer. There are three basic types of speeches that are special occasion speeches, informative or persuasive.

  • Special occasion speech- these types of speech are normally delivered during designated events. This speech needs to address the important points with regards to the particular event that is on-going hence the writer needs to get the facts right together the issues at hand.
  • Informative speech- These types of speeches on the other hand are those that give more insights on a certain topic. These types of speeches are very popular in high schools and colleges were guests get invited to informal and motivate the students.
  • Persuasive Speech- These types of speeches duel on persuading the listeners to take a particular path. The feelings of the audience get influenced when persuasive speech is used as well as a strong imagery gets used.

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