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Report writing is also another set of assignment that may be challenging since it deals with facts with details such as experimental and statistical data being included. Reports are an important part of the assignment since they contribute towards the grades of the students hence the need to have them done in a professional way to avoid any mistakes.
There are a number of reports that need to get done. They include;

  • The field reports– Usually after a field study, students are asked to present a report in line with the important points they grasped from the trip. This trip is normally done in a natural setting.
  • Book report– A book report is usually done after reading a particular book. Unlike a review, book reports require the students or whoever is assigned the task to give a straightforward summary of the text. Writing a book report may not seem fun at first but it’s one of the best ways of fully understanding the work of the author.
  • Business reports– These are the reports that are normally used in the business world. They can either be formal or informal business reports. Formal reports require a lot of information hence making them long. Informal reports, on the other hand, are short.
  • Lab reports– These are the type of reports that get written after completing an analysis of a laboratory experiment. The main contents of this particular report are the various results that one gets from the experiment. This type of writing requires one to give enough interpretations so that the work can become relevant.
  • Progress reports– These are the type of reports that keep on updating on previous development. Examples of such reports can either be annual or financial reports of the performance of an organization.
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